They Must Have Missed the Memo…

AOL news today reminds me that if we had laws against stupidity, they’d be broken way too frequently.

The two big stories that set me off today are:

New Bedford, MASSACHUSETTS (yes, in “the North”) — Somebody is selling property for a new community and they put on the sign: “White People Only”.  The New Bedford paper published the deed just as it was listed and some woman had to complain to the Massachusetts Discriminiation Commission in order to get it dealt with!  Just a few historical reminders:  In the 1870’s people from that state were fighting against slavery of the Black man (and woman and child).  Owners of this particular property are 130 or so years behind the times if they don’t know that THE NORTH WON THE WAR!!!  Also in the news…. 1954, 1960, 1964… Martin Luther King, Jr…. The Civil Rights movement… Any of this ringing any bells???  Come on!!! Get lives!!!  Oh, and something happened last year… let’s see if I can remember… Oh, yeah!!! Our first ever Black president!!!   Do you really think that an exclusive community of White folks is really all that cool when the president of the United States (the most powerful person in the country) isn’t welcomed — change that — isn’t allowed there?   What on earth are you thinking????    That’s a lot of memos to have missed, folks!

Oh, and while I’m here, for all you anti-government activists:  The Discrimination Commission is one of those “logical” choices for budget cuts since we don’t need them anymore.  But what would we be doing if there was no commission to protest to?  Would this sign stay up? What a weird world we live in — we worry about activist judges and banks that don’t believe the law applies to them.  I’m sure it never occurred to me to worry about activist realtors.  I soooo thought we were past that in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.  Probably my best friend from seminary, Charlie Crook, was from New Bedford (aka New Behfa…) and I’m sure he must be shaking his head at the regressiveness of this property owner, who ever they are.

On a totally different note — no politics, no deep systems thought here — Lindsay Lohan, former actress and now train wreck, back from Europe for court and now forced to wear an alcohol monitoring bracelet had her monitor go off at the MTV awards.Does she really think there will be no consequences for this behavior?   Here she is,  perhaps the most famous person in America — not the best, but probably  the most famous right now —  Did she think she could sneak a drink and no one one would notice?  It’s not like every person for miles doesn’t have a camera. It’s not like the awards are televised or anything. It’s not like she doesn’t have a direct connection to the police.  Are you kidding me???  I once had a client whose heroin use caused him to die and be revived and he continued to use.  It took all of nothing to get the court to Section him (put him in jail against his will for thirty days to sober up) because he was a danger to himself. In California they call that 5150-ing somebody (that’s the state statute number).  If Lohan is truly that insistent on drinking, she wants to drink more than she wants to live.  It’s time she got 5150-ed for her own good. Enough with the nice rehab. Enough with Celebrity Rehab.  Enough with Dr. Feelgood or whoever’s prescribing her meds.  Somebody’s got to stop this woman or she will be dead.  Put her behind bars until it’s all out of her system and give her an even shot at stopping — no guarantees, but a 50/50 shot at it.  That’s the best you can do for someone this troubled…   Maybe she didn’t know that alcohol and drugs weren’t good for you.  Another one that’s missed a few memos. Oh, well.


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