Stray Thoughts: Getting Stuff Off of My Chest

I just feel like writing tonight. Don’t have any burning big issues, so I’ll see where this goes:

1)  Shouldn’t They Know How To Fix This?  I’m not a scientist or engineer or anything, but when BP had this oil rig blow up, shouldn’t they have had a plan to fix it — one  that they knew worked?  I keep hearing, “we’ll try this” and “we’ll try that next”, but shouldn’t there have been a switch or a valve or something that just turns this thing off? And, if they’re not pumping it to the surface (which I assume they’re not), does it just come up naturally like this? Why, if it’s that easy once you get the hole drilled, why is it so expensive to do?

2) I’m no longer Obama’s biggest fan.  I have a very liberal friend who’s been mad at Obama for not being radical left enough almost since day one.  As one can probably tell from this blog, I like the guy because he represented ideals again — the audacity to hope and all like that. He seems to be into “fair play” and correcting the landscape so that more people are incuded in our nation.  Having said that, it seems like there’s a lot of background politics going on — especially about who will run for what seat in this state or that. If Blogojovich is only one example of political favors and there now seem to be two more, I am seriously not impressed by this administration. I had hoped for a return to ethics in the White House and part of me thinks that this is how all parties work, but the idea of putting out the best candidates and letting the voters choose who they like is at the center of democracy.  I don’t know how they can do this and still claim to be ethical, which is what I saw in him when I voted.  “Not shrill like Sarah Palin” isn’t exactly a ringing endorsement” and John McCain would’ve been interesting except for that. If Obama is not going to be ethical and transparent and an agent of change, I don’t know why he should be president — or at least someone I’d vote for. This is not a made up scandal, a sex scandal or a discussion of “values” with a “wink-wink nod-nod” thing. You can’t blame Rush Limbaugh for this one. This is serious stuff and I hope he addresses it. If he doesn’t, I will lose respect for him.

3) The lives of the poor suck. This week, clients either had their electricity cut off or were threatened with it.  Insurance companies charge alot and give a little according to one of my other clients.  Insurance decisions in other cases are penny-wise and pound-foolish. School systems with no money are designed to turn out students with no future. Government money is cut off in one way or another for my clients all the time, or they are squeezed out of nearly every nickel that they get until they can’t eat or heat their houses or find houses.  I have still yet to see any full-on discussion of the plight of the poor in America, and it’s high time we started one.  This is not to say, by the way, that I think my clients are all innocent. They’re not. Many have made choices which left them poor and they are responsible for them, but damn, it’s hard if you’re poor in this country.

That’s all I’ve got for now, except that I’m glad Sandra Bullock’s back in the world of the living.




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