Obama’s Oil Rig?

“Americans are upset with the Administration’s handling of the oil spill” says the Yahoo news today.   Did I miss something?  What part of “handling” the oil spill was he supposed to do?  I didn’t understand it when he flew out there for a photo op/speech like the U.S. Government was going to do something about this spill. Is our president the janitor-in-chief now? I swear he acted like he personally was in charge of cleaning it up. And now, what, we’re acting like he should be?

This a technology problem caused by a private company’s mistake.  Do we have a Department of Oil Spills I didn’t know about? And even if we did have something, did anybody notice that the Bush Administration essentially gutted the EPA, forcing it’s rising star, Christie Todd Whitman to resign in disgust? [OK, to be fair, maybe the Army Corp of Engineers could help, but I think BP has said “No thanks. We got it” to the government.]

Is there anything that Obama-bashers won’t blame him for?

Being born in Hawaii?  His fault.

The economy? His fault.

The deficit? Definitely his fault.

The banks’ bailout? His fault.

The war? His fault.

Let’s save the press the time and trouble  and get things done now to save time.  Herewith is my list of future headlines that we will see or that people already believe

The Union Carbide Train in Bopal? Also Obama’s fault.

Adam and Eve ate from The Tree… Obama’s fault.

The Ice Age? Obama’s fault.

The Crucifixion of Christ…Obama’s fault.

The rise of Islam and the subsequent Crusades?  Obama’s fault.

The Black Plague of Europe? Obama’s fault.

The Inquisition…Obama’s fault.

Rome Burns?  Obama’s fault.

Genghis Khan and the Mongolian Hordes? Obama’s fault.

The Rise of Communism? Obama’s fault.

The Rise of Nazism and the Holocaust? Definitely Obama’s fault.

The failure of the Stock Market — 1929, 1980, 2008 — all Obama’s  fault!

Earthquakes? Floods? Tsunamis? Obama’s  fault.

The Arab/Israeli War? Obama’s  fault.

North Korea downs a sub? Obama’s  fault.

The Cubs lose again? Obama’s  fault.

The attack of flying cows by the French? Obama’s  fault.

The sinking of the Titanic? Obama’s  fault.

Slavery? Obama’s  fault.

Indian casinos? Obama’s  fault.

Jamaican gang unrest? Obama’s  fault.

Gravity? Obama’s  fault.

Cancer? All Obama’s  fault.

Jethro Tull wins Best Heavy Metal Album at the Grammys? Obama’s  fault.

Fox News and a really disrespectful press? Obama’s  fault.

Just thought you should know….

Now that that’s done, can we get back to the business of running a country?




3 thoughts on “Obama’s Oil Rig?

    • Val:

      Apparently, in Monty Python and the Holy Grail, there’s a scene where the French are catapulting cows. (In short, it’s a silly Monty Python reference (and Obama’s being blamed for that as well).

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