We aren’t the world…No, really, we’re not.

Years ago, I saw a comedian and he noticed the difference between the British song “Do They Know It’s Christmas” (the Ethiopian foodrisis was about them)   and the American version, “We Are The World” (it’s about us).

Today on Facebook, another British friend of mine said that the Canadians were better hockey players and he suggested that they have a better health-care system than we do, as well.   Well, facts are facts, so most Americans (at least those who watch TV) will acknowledge that (today, anyway) the Canadians are better hockey players than we are.

But, the other day, an American relative  was emphatic that the Canadian health-care system doesn’t work. Now, this relative hasn’t, I don’t think, used the Canadian system, but we have relatives who live in Canada and they may actually complain about it. I don’t know.

Still, for most Americans, myopia are us. We are the greatest nation the world has ever seen and don’t you forget it.  And, if for some reason we’re not, refer to Rule #1.

There are historical precedents for this. Galileo bucked the common wisdom of his day and we know how well that turned out.  We here on earth were the center of the solar system, at the center of the Universe.  And down here, on the planet, White men were — by nature — at the center of their family.  Why? Because it was obvious. Quite simply, we were the best because God Himself had ordained it.  “Manifest Destiny” had proven it because we had conquered everyone. We always won, so we must be the best.

If Social Darwinism was correct — and it most certainly was (he was a White male. Only problem is that he wasn’t American. That would have cinched it) — then we … the victors over the Indians… were, of course, the best, most correct people on the planet at the center of the solar system that lies at the center of the Universe.  Christian White Male Americans, then, by definition, were the epitome of all that is correct, because, long and short of it, God was on our side.

But here’s where it gets weird. God created other people who weren’t Christian, White, Male or Americans and they somehow got it in their heads that they were created in the image of God as well.  OK, they have history on their side and therefore, more practice at doing things, but that doesn’t make them right. OK, so we got most of our ideas from them, but that doesn’t make them right, either.  And, OK, we have women here in America, but that doesn’t make them smarter than men in America. OK, forget that colleges now have more women than men. And forget that some of our heroes are Black. Hank Aaron didn’t hit more home runs than Babe Ruth. Well, OK, he did, but Mark McGuire fixed that.  Forget that one of our best Presidents was a Catholic, Christian Men (aka Protestant Men) are the best. Well, OK, Reagan compensated for that.

In some countries of the world, people go about their daily lives without even thinking about America. In some countries of the world, they don’t even speak English. Can you believe it? People in some other countries don’t really care about us one way or the other.  They are obviously ignorant.

When I went to Prague a few years ago, at the World Family Conference, people showed slide after slide that said America wasn’t #1 in things like health-care and education, where we were 2nd or 3rd often enough.  We were #1 in violence and other such things, but they didn’t notice so much as present their data.  Those Czechs were neither for or against us.  In the Czech Republic, people think that they are important — not The Best in The Entire World — but pretty important nonetheless.  I suspect that people in other countries think the same thing. I’m not exactly sure why they might think that, but I bet they do.

What’s going to happen if we start giving in to their irrational delusions?  Well, first off, we might start considering them to be real humans and we might not feel the need to kill them. Then we might start sharing the planet, we might stop trying to be dominant or we might begin using some of their ideas to try out in our own lives — things like pasteurization from France, or spaghetti from Italy, the boomerang from Australia, the gene project from Switzerland.  We might let women run countries like they did in India or Britain.  We might appreciate plants in the Brazilian rain forest as something more than things in the way of progress. We might even try out the health-care system of Canada or Britain or one of those other mistaken countries.

We could do all of those things, but that would be a mistake. We Protestant Christian White American Men already know what the truth is. Why? Because we do. So there.  Don’t confuse us with that logic, or science, or reason. We’re at the center of the Universe.



3 thoughts on “We aren’t the world…No, really, we’re not.

  1. John,
    I agree with your statements. I have always taught my children that we as white americans are very arrogant. Some of our history has me ashamed on many levels. The other thing I taught them was that Jesus isn’t white… Who would have thought. While I do believe we do live in the best country in the world we are absolutely not superior.

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