I’m sad, but this IS America…

At 8:51 EST, it looks like Martha Coakley, Democrat, will lose to Scott Brown, Republican in the race for Massachusetts Senator.  If that does, in fact, happen, then President Obama’s chance at getting health-care reform passed is doomed by the people’s opinions.  Even if the Democrats push it through quickly, there will always be a sense that they did it with smoke and mirrors, that it was “politics as usual” in a President that promised a different way.  Obama’s presidency is in real trouble unless Coakley wins.  This election is seen by almost everyone as a a vote on Obama’s health-care plan specifically and his presidency in general.

If, in fact, Coakley has lost, the tide of opinion has turned against health-care reform.  Now, of course, there are some out there who say the tide long-ago turned.  And they may be right.  I have to say, I don’t understand WHY people are against health-care reform. I don’t understand WHY people don’t want their brothers and sisters to have health-care they can afford. Nor do I understand all the irrationality of the Right-Wing propaganda machine.  Mostly, however, I don’t understand why people would believe all the lies that were told even before this was out of the gate.

I suspect, underneath it all, is the sense that we as a society, need to beat back the Black Man.  (Yes, I believe that racism was a part of this vote and I will not stop believing that, given that we finally have our first Black president and it’s hard to change  a lot of old habits. I don’t care what anybody says. Responses that deny that will be left off the site. Complain about other stuff if you must, but don’t tell me that racism isn’t at least part of the American people’s reason to see Obama fail.)

With that off my chest, let me say that if, in fact, the people HAVE spoken about health care  reform, AND Massachusetts represents the nation,then Massachusetts did the right thing in voting whatever way it voted.  I don’t like Scott Brown. I don’t like his stands on many things.  In that sense, I will not be happy unless Coakley wins tonight.

But here’s the deal: this is America and if you can’t get a majority of the people to buy into your idea, you haven’t done your job.  The pro-healthcare, pro-Obama folks haven’t done their jobs. That’s why the vote is the way it is.  He offered us a chance to hope for a better world, a fairer world, and we didn’t take it.  You can lead a country to water, but you can’t make ’em think. If we want a better world, we’re going to have to want a better world as a whole people.  Maybe it’s time to re-consider the other healthcare options out there — those supported by moderates and right-wing folks.  Maybe it’s time to let us kill our economy ourselves when people can’t afford medicine or doctors visits and the insurance companies, doctors, management others think they can get away with anything.  Maybe it’s time to focus on other things.  Maybe, maybe, maybe… I don’t know.   The fact is that healthcare in this country sucks, that it benefits a minority who own stock in these companies and not the  majority that don’t. But, if we’re not in pain enough to realize that, then we’re not in enough pain yet.  Oh well.  When our love of each other outweighs our hatred of our President, we’ll get to it.

Now, having said all of that, because this IS America, if Brown won under false pretenses then throw the bum and his cronies out! If you can’t play fair, then you don’t deserve to play at all. The Boston Globe is reporting tonight that there have been ballots at a few places which were already scored for Brown when the voter got them.  That is, they were already set for Brown. That kind of crap cannot stand!!!  If the Republicans — or somebody for them — did this, they should be barred from politics altogether for some period of time.

IF there are irregularities of any sort by the Brown campaign, then the referendum on Obama’s still out. We’ll see.  I hope Coakley wins. I hope there wasn’t any “fixing” of the ballot box.  But most of all, I hope that America wakes up and does the right thing and takes care of each other.  We’ll see.  I’m not putting any money on it, but we’ll see.




8 thoughts on “I’m sad, but this IS America…

  1. John, I’m sad as well about the results. However, I think there was also some good old sexism involved in the whole mix. This state doesn’t seem to elect women to the higher offices, such as Shannon O’Brien who ran for governor a while back.

    The problem with this campaign as well was that Brown ran as an “independent” and the Coakley campaign didn’t do anything until the very end to try to define him. Martha should have defined him a long time ago as a “same old, same old, Republican” — before he had a chance to define himself as an “independent”. MA will find out that he is simply a tea bagger Republican with regressive ideas, but of course we’ll all have to suffer through it. He’s a one-termer.

    I don’t know what the fate of health care will be — I’m hoping the House can pass it through reconciliation and therefore bypass having to have the Senate vote. It won’t be perfect, but at least there will be something to work on.

    • Karen:

      She ran a poor campaign, and Brown ran a good one, I gather. Sexism in the state hadn’t really occurred to me. Jane Swift was the Lt. Governor for awhile, but she was republican and never became governor, so you may be right. Thank you for your insight.

  2. You can blame it on sexism and racism if you want. Fact is, the discussion here in Massachusetts has been based on the WRONG kind of healthcare reform (i.e. more movement toward a government controlled economy), instead of the RIGHT kind of healthcare reform.

    And don’t forget about Obama’s commitment to bipartisian work- fact is, the entire democratic party (especially Obama) completely shut out the republicans from every single aspect of this discussion with their self-admitted behind-closed-doors debate.

    And don’t forget Obama’s commitment to stop jobs from going overseas – fact is, jobs have continued to leave the country and Obama has done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Ten years ago, manufacturing was over 20% of our economy, now it is under 10%. And don’t forget the job losses in the service sector jobs that support the manufacturing sector. Where is Obama on the issues that matter? What happened to the promises he made in Evansville, Indiana during his campaign?

    Problem is, republicans will not propose the real healthcare reform that this country needs either. Both sides are in bed with lawyers, and won’t even consider real cost reduction like eliminating punitive damages from malpractice lawsuits, putting realistic caps on compensatory damages, allowing REAL competition in healthcare insurance, allow health insurance companies to offer a REAL variety of plans (starting with basic lifesaving-only coverage and working up through a comprehensive all-encompassing healthcare program), have insurance companies sell to individuals/families instead of through employers, insist that individuals pay the same as insurance companies for the same services, and so on. But those changes would hurt the lawyers too much, and would hurt the big corporations too much (although a lot less than they think).

    Nobody I’ve spoken with has mentioned, or even alluded to, race. Until now. That can only mean that YOU are the racist, John, and can’t see what is obvious to everyone else. Socialism is not wanted here.

    • Bob: While I dislike the personal attacks and I heard Hartford’s mayor allude to racism, I am glad that you say the Republican side has no real plan either. I agree that the powerful are running things behind the scenes, but I thought (think) that all that money spent on attack ads was FROM the rich and powerful. The idea that actual PEOPLE thought that way made no sense to me. I know you have a plan and independents/libertarians want some say in things, but they don’t have a party for now, so I don’t see how that agenda is going to get through. Good luck with that.

  3. John- My plan is not a Libertarian plan, so much as Bob’s plan. I am pointing out that there are MANY ways to reform healthcare, that will have a REAL impact on the cost and availability of healthcare, so liberals like yourself don’t start to point fingers and say that the democrats have the only answer. They have an answer, but one that will drag the entire country down. Whether or not anyone follows my plan is not up to me at all (and we all know that lawyers are too far embedded with the politicians for real common sense to prevail), but at least you can’t say that the democrats have the only answer. Republicans are not against reform, they are only against the WRONG kind of reform. Scott Brown said this again and again, but you choose to ignore reality and think that Republicans are only pro-status quo.

    I did not say that Republicans don’t have a plan, all I said is they would not propose a plan. That’s because democrats have NO interest in trying to make progress unless they get all of the credit, and with their majorities they will ignore even the most ingenious of suggestions from the republicans. If all the republicans do is filibuster this socialist hooey, that is a win for America (whether or not you realize it). We can all hope that now, progress will be made toward a better reform package that won’t have the dire consequences of the current democratic plan. There are GOOD solutions to these issues available, whether they are mine or not, if people are willing to use their brains.

    As a service provider, you are to be commended on offering your services at a discount or no charge to those in need. I know many others (such as my own doctor) that have the same policy. These types of charitable actions are the number one way to move toward better healthcare for those who truly cannot provide for themselves. Ideally, we should also move toward a society where family members will help care for each other, instead of just dumping relatives on the dole (which our society used to do before the prevalence of all of these social entitlement programs). If you eliminate all of this reliance on government, you will start to see America “taking care of each other” the way it SHOULD be done. We show love for each other by caring for our own families and friends, and not dumping them “on the dole”. We show love for each other by donating to charities (or even proving reduced/no cost service, such as yourself), not by having the government take more from its citizens through taxation.

    If you were honest, you would admit that the whole basis for the democratic platform is “vote for a democrat and get free stuff” (free healthcare, etc.). A society with no self-reliance (by individuals) is doomed for failure – history shows it again and again. The more self-reliance and freedom, the more prosperous a society.

    And how did the mayor of Hartford vote in a Massachusetts election? Is that your only evidence that this was a race-based election? I know you’re smarter than that.

    -Bob who is a murderer and cannot be a child of God

  4. By the way, I’m sure you realize the hypocrisy of your statement – doing something forcibly (i.e. through mandatory taxation) is NOT a show of love. Love comes as a willing gesture. If you want to help our society by showing love for one another, socialized medicine is exactly OPPOSITE of what you want. Let’s let our brothers and sisters have healthcare they can afford while still allowing them to live in a prosperous society.

  5. Bob: The mayor of Hartford is Hispanic, and he knows racism when he sees it. Whether he can vote in Massachusetts is beside the point.

    Still, I want to clarify: The urge to JUST STOP OBAMA is, I think, at its core, racist. To the extent that this is about THAT, I think racism played a factor in the whole Massachusetts vote.

    What my friends have been telling me (and I have not heard)is that this particular policy is flawed. That may be or it may not. The Republicans have not proposed health care for everyone (Bush’s Medicare Med Plan was a sham, and it caused more problems than it solved). The Republicans in the Senate have ALL blocked this and I have not heard anybody actually engage in the process of health care for everyone from their side. My thing is that at least the Democrats HAD a plan and — I think — had the right goal in mind.

    Where I would like to have seen it be different (and it’s not in Massachusetts) is that it be “health CARE reform” and not “health INSURANCE reform”. That is, I’d like to see doctors and hospitals and insurance companies NOT make more money than they need while the people — our brothers and sisters — get what they still lack. Doctors, drug manufacturers insurers, lawyers and a whole bunch of other people, make exhorbitant money (a tax of sorts) while people die or go crazy. That seems unfair to me.

    Regarding love, it IS freely giving AND freely receiving. Wanting my neighbor to have health (and the resources to have it) is a form of love, regardless of politics or form it takes.

  6. A problem I have with the proposed health reform plan it that democrats say it will improve health care coverage at no further cost to taxpayers. The Republicans say that taxpayers will be paying for it for generations. I haven’t seen anyone offering any facts that cause them to come to these conclusions.

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