The Worst of Both Worlds? What now?

OK, the democrats have 60 votes. Now what? If it’s as bad as I hear, I hope they vote it down.  In these pages, Bob and I have been going round and round about health care reform. That’s to be expected.

All the scenarios that Bob imagined — forced insurance costs, higher costs and government intrusion are all there — with none of the competition-driving public option I wanted.  I know that in  a compromise, nobody gets everything they wanted. If the bill is as bad as I hear, everybody gets what they don’t want.  I get another bill the poor can’t pay and Bob gets government intrusion. The insurance companies have a forced market, making it, in essence, illegal to be poor. Medicare’s not being expanded, so the government isn’t going to help, it’s only going to impose the law and hurt.

Here’s my only caveat: Perhaps the Senate’s vote only brings it to the floor and the compromise with the House’s bill will make things a little better or perhaps really better.

If I were Obama, and I’m not, of course, I’d let the bill go down to defeat, say that the Republicans and the insurance companies defeated it, and blame it on them. Remember when Clinton let the Republicans close the government? Remember how it backfired on them?  Same thing here.

Let them show their cards.  Let THEM come up with something that works, something that brings relief to poor people, guarantees health care for all, without causing further divide between rich and poor and making the insurance companies richer.

Sometimes you’ve got to let people have what they think they want, so they can find out it’s NOT what they want.

For right now, if this bill is as bad as I hear (and it may not be, of course), it’s  the theme song for the Anti-Miley Cyrus.



Now, here’s the


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