Wow, folks. Yesterday, December 16, somebody was the 1000th person to cross the electronic bridge to my blog site.  So, let see, that’s 1000 since July 4 of this year (a little less than 200 per month).  I have no idea how much an average  blog gets “hit” but I’m thrilled with 1000 anybody listening to me — even 1 person listening 1000 times is good, but there seems to be more than that, so I’m REALLY excited.  Apparently, I have 3 subscriptions now, so it’s not repetitious for that one person.

Stray thoughts on what it all means:

I didn’t know I had that much in me to say. Apparently, I’ve written 50 posts in those 5 months, and actually published 42 of them.

I also didn’t know that you, the readers, had so much to say, either. It says there were 61 comments submitted.  In addition to that, there are Facebook comments not here which have led to some heavy duty conversations, so probably 75 – 80 comments came from that 5 month period.  Many of them came from my libertarian friend — and foil — Bob.  He’s a good man. Thanks to him and all the others who expressed a viewpoint in these pages. It gave me something to think about and added some real depth to old friendships (Joe).

I believe that I’m still friends with everyone who argued, disagreed or just plain got P.O.’ed.  If that’s not true, then I’m not doing this right.  I want to both welcome comments and keep friends.  I realize that that may not always be possible, but I do try.  I don’t try to provoke. I try to say what’s on my mind, and hope others agree or that civil dialogue — even heated civil dialogue —  can happen. As I told my friend Dawn the other day, “I write what I want to hear, but haven’t heard elsewhere”.

Below is a list of the top 10 most viewed of the pages. It seems like there’s a need for discussions of theology, since a great portion of them are on theology.  Also, somebody wants to know about me. I hope it’s not the FBI or the CIA (or the Republican party after my last post). I’d love for this to be a safe place to  do good theology and I sincerely mean “Do your own”.  My beliefs are, well, my beliefs.  I hope you discuss them with your local pastor, your friend or philosophy teacher, or here on these pages until they fit for you (Josh, Becky, etc.)

I never know what people are going to respond to. Just like sermons, I get what I think is going to be a “knock it out of the park” piece and get no comments. Other times, some random thing gets people going. I think that’s healthy, because it shows the diversity of priorities out there.

As a matter of journalistic integrity, (not like I’m really a journalist, but I do have high standards — the idea of lying to folks while I express an opinion is already too prevalent in our society. I don’t need to make it worse.),  I will go back and correct — on the article — where it’s factually incorrect (Sandy, Gordie, and Dave for instance)

Prophetess Gerry Claytor seems to be the winner in searches within my articles.  The “dashboard” of the blog lists what people searched for and her name comes up regularly. Gerry, keep up the good work for the Lord.  In case you’re curious, she works in Bridgeport, CT at a food-pantry-and-other-things program.  She all over the place down there, as well, and she deserves your support.

Liberals, this is your day — or it should be.  At least it’s your blog.

Val Perrins and Rob McCarthy get a shout out for being most supportive. I’m touched deeply by your friendship.  Cathi and Liz, kudos for technical assistance while being supportive. There aren’t enough words to describe how much this means to me.

Most of all, thank you very much for reading the thoughts written here.  I hope to live up to my ideals here and make a difference in the world with these pages — even if it’s just letting people know they’re not alone (Dawn — and Derek).

So that’s it for now.



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