Just in Time for Christmas — EVIL WINS!!!

That’s it.  There is no more America. There’s Red America and Blue America, and where there used to be hope for this country in the middle, there isn’t anymore. Get used to it. The rich win. The insurance companies win.

If you’re poor, you can die now. If you’re crazy, you can go crazier, then die now.  There really is no more to say than that.

While I’m normally open to debate, I don’t want to hear about conservative policies and saving money. I don’t want to hear how Mr. Obama’s this and Mr. Obama’s that.  The long and short of it is this: there will be no health care overhaul. Things will stay as they are.  How are they now? Terrible.

Why will there be no health care overhaul? Because Republicans stonewalled. Period. End of story.  And make no mistake about it, Joe Lieberman is a Republican.  This is not about the American people’s health. (Thank goodness for that). It’s not. It’s about the Republicans saying “Told you so”.  Debate, my ass!

OK, so they win.  The Democrats lose. But let’s look at that.  Does anybody really win when their constituents DIE? And they WILL die.  How do I know? Because that’s already reality. People can’t get their meds now. People can’t can’t get coverage now.  Cancer? Pre-existing condition. A senior who requires extra meds? Well, too bad, you were going to die anyway.  Veteran who now has PTSD and will need coverage? Tough. Same old, same old. Lost your job and got sick? Die.  Poor? Too bad. Apparently your life isn’t worth squat. The insurance companies have nothing holding them back now.  Are we all happy yet? And yet, oddly, I don’t totally blame the insurance companies. I blame the 41 Republicans (yes, I include Mr. Lieberman) who refuse to give up power, who refuse to play ball, who refuse to do anything but say “No”.

I never want to hear, ever again, that America has the best health system in the world. We don’t.  We’re not even close. If you’re rich, maybe we do, but how many of us are that rich?  Certainly, the greatest portion of America isn’t. That means that America as a whole does NOT have the the greatest health care system.

So, what do I do now? I’m not really sure.  Well, first, I go to work every day and hear sad stories of people who can’t get their meds, who can’t seem to get their lives back in order, due to health care costs.  I lose clients  because they can’t afford treatment and they’re too proud to come in for free or $5.00 or whatever I would charge them.

But then, with whatever energy I have,  I do everything in my power to get Joseph Lieberman to stop being my senator.  And anybody who ever supported this blasphemy will get my unfailing antagonism.

Oh, and by the way, make no mistake, this is blasphemy. The Republicans, all 61 of them, have chosen their power over their people’s welfare. They have chosen death over life for people. They have chosen money over people. They have chosen politics over people, because they have chosen their party over people.  Those people that they have chosen death, money and power over? Those are God’s people.   If they want to bring about the Reign of Christ, there is no finer way to do it than that.  When evil wins enough, Jesus will come and change things, or so they say they believe.  I just wouldn’t want to be them when it happens.

I pray that some Republican develops a conscience and looks beyond the well-being of their own party.  I believe that they have it within them. I just don’t believe they’ll do anything with it.  Merry Christmas to all.




4 thoughts on “Just in Time for Christmas — EVIL WINS!!!

  1. Want some cheese with that whine?

    Joe Liberman has said that he won’t support a bill with the “single payer” nonsense and the option to extend Medicare to younger people. BRAVO.

    He has said he would support bills without those two components.

    This is not good versus evil, this is those who understand how terrible socialism and government-controlled economies are, versus those who don’t understand. You call me evil if you want. I call the democrats ignorant and/or naive, pandering for votes. “Vote for a democrat, receive free stuff”. That’s NOT how to run a government. What’s next, food? That’s even more vital for life than healthcare insurance, and your logic makes a stronger argument for government-bought food than healthcare reform.

    I am not one of God’s people because I am a capitalist and Libertarian? Hmm.

    There are plenty of ways to reform healthcare – eliminate pain & suffering lawsuits, have insurance purchased by individuals/families and not employers (maybe with a pre-tax reimbursement for healthcare insurance), eliminate punitive damages from lawsuits (only compensatory damages are allowed), and re-introduce competition into the system.

    Socialism and government-controlled economies make everything worse. Instead, let’s take the poor and enable them to become rich (or at least middle class), and not discourage them from getting jobs by having ridiculously high tax rates.

    • Bob:

      It’s not about that. It’s about intentionally stalling on party lines. It’s about people dying. I’m all for “liberty and the pursuit of happiness”, too. I just think it’s high time we started considering “life” — yes, the life that’s already here!!! — as part of that.
      I’m also OK with people eating, since you brought it up. The government isn’t “them”, it’s made up of people, and WE should start taking care of US.

      Single payer is just another form of competition — remember that from your capitalism classes? Without it, the insurance companies can do what they’ve been doing. I’m asking the government to step in because what we’re doing now isn’t working. Mr. Lieberman and all his Republican cronies know that, and they are intentionally doing this to show up Obama. That’s not enough of a reason to let people die.

  2. Okay, if government wants to compete, then its healthcare program should be required to bring in 5% more revenue than it spends. That’s what all of it’s competitors do, so that would be fair competition. Instead of maximizing shareholder value, the government’s program could be a source of revenue for, say, paying down the debt.

    And stalling along party lines is a great thing to do when the majority is proposing something awful.

    Let’s get intelligent reform and not drag the whole country down further. Let’s all win. Let’s not make the poor win, and the people who work hard lose.

    And I’m surprised you maintain that God’s people must be democrats. If you don’t think I’m able to be a Christian since I firmly believe that capitalism and freedom are better for EVERYONE, I would like you to re-evaluate your stance.

    If someone is too proud to accept your offer for $5 or free counseling, why should they accept free healthcare from the government? If people in need won’t accept charity, then it is their CHOICE to remain in their predicament.

    And your article completely ignores that hospitals must provide lifesaving care regardless of ability to pay. And the VA.

    This is the most appalling blog you’ve ever written. Illogical, and frankly insulting. Signed, Pure Evil.

    • Bob:

      Re: Paragraph 1: No arguement. I suspect Obama would agree (see the bank bailout)

      Re: Paragraph 2: I don’t believe all of the Republicans are actually against the public option, just as I don’t believe that all democrats are for it. Thus, in this case, it’s purely about party. I’m OK — not thrilled, not even happy, but OK — with moderate democrats who are against it. They at least are exercising their conscience. I think that the Republicans are blocking this thing because a)they don’t like the new guy b)they don’t like the young guy c)they don’t like the Black guy and/or d)they don’t like someone who’s more hopeful than they are. I also think that Lieberman is in it for power, which makes me discount him.

      Re: paragraph 3: Let’s all win? Yes. But I know way too many people who work hard who are still poor to see those two as the opposites you seem to say they are.

      Re: paragraph 4: I believe in Freedom. And I’m not sure about capitalism. Michelle (my wife) says it’s supposed to be amoral. Maybe so, but it hasn’t been applied that way for years. “Greed is good” is not a Christian belief. Nor is capitalism Christian when it becomes an idol for a group of people. I believe it has here in America. I believe that when the people can’t seem to get it together morally(some people have billions and millions have nothing), then government has to step in and act as a moral agent. 20 years ago, I was OK with the health care system. I wasn’t for it when Hillary and Bill suggested it, because I didn’t think we needed it. Things are soooo out of control now, due to de-regulation and greed, so now I think government needs to intrude. I would prefer, if it were me, to be a temporary solution, but government stink at doing so. Medicare is not as bad as was assumed, so I’m believing here, as well. Republicans who care about their people more than their party ARE Christians. I don’t agree with them, but they ARE Christians, in the same sense that I believe YOU are.

      Re: Paragraph 5: Oddly, it’s one of the things Republicans are right about. People like it if they paid for it/worked for it. They feel more in control. This is why we can’t “give away” Christ, but unscrupulous televangelists can sell him.

      re: Paragraph 6: Life-saving care? I’m not sure that’s the law any more, and there’s more to be alive than existence. Being crazy, if alive, sucks. And the VA is a great idea, but I know that it’s very difficult to access, has a huge waiting list, and pretty poor health care (see Walter Reed hospital, for instance).

      Long and short of it: we start with different premises, different perceptions, and have different answers. I’m sorry if you felt insulted or called un-Christian. I know we disagree, but I don’t think you’re un-Christian.



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