A Prayer for the Addicted Family

I just saw clients today and I am reminded just how badly the holidays stink for some families.  The holidays are difficult for many people — people who have lost a loved one, people who are away from home during them, people who expect them to be all-you-see-on-TV, and so on.

But nobody seems to have more real problems with the holidays than the alcoholic and/or addicted family.   Picture this if you can — the holidays approach and the kids get all excited because Santa’s coming. They’ve seen all the commercials, their hopes are all up, and …

1) Their presents got sold for drugs or they GOT their presents because somebody sold drugs, in any case, the *police* are suddenly invited to be “home for the holidays”

2) Daddy or Mommy did “what everybody else does” and “celebrated” the holidays.  People who only drink only on days that end in “y” now have a license to be stupid.  Now, they use it and…

Somebody drives while drunk and anything could happen or…

They get drunk and fall asleep and don’t get up all day. Then they wake up with a hangover, and the opposite-of-fun begins, whatever that turns out to be.

Mommy and Daddy fight or invite the relatives over and THEY fight

The list of possibilities is endless, and the now-adult shows up on my door years later….

It’s not just that this is normal life for the addicted family the other however-many-days-of -the-year (yes, there are Jewish drunks, with 8  days of  “fun”, I bet).  It’s that it’s placed side-by-side with expectations of better than normal life.

This is soooo not what Jesus (“the reason for the season”) would have wanted on Christmas (or God, on Hannukah)

As the holidays approach, let us pray for the sick, twisted, convulsed, drunk, high, criminal, addicted person and the family that has to live with them.   Let us pray that by next year at this time, their healing has begun.  And for those who grew mentally this year because they stopped drinking or drugging,   may their families find the blessings that they so hope for this holiday season.  If there’s anything you can do to make that happen, do it.  God knows, they could use it.




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