A follow-up to “Trucks”

As that particular blog has now been read either most or second most, I wanted to follow-up as there seems to be something there for folks.

I’m not sure if people go back and read comments, so I wanted to respond to  my responders and to the wider community.

Linda: I’ve been giving a lot of thought to what you said about the majority making decisions for the minority and you may well be right. I think we project that “they” are trying to run “our” lives (on many different issues re: many different groups) when, in fact they (at least in this case) just want to lead their OWN lives.

Bob:  That idea came out of a discussion from my attempt at a new-church-start in Rhode Island a few years ago which you attended at least once.  I don’t remember hearing about it from you, but it certainly makes sense given your libertarian views.

Wider community: That new church’s  idea (shared in the blog) came out of three or four discussions, a lot of thought, and some thoughts shared by my wife years ago that were simply light-years ahead of my own thought when she first raised them.   My little church met in a coffeehouse, and at friends’ house, included a heterosexual couple, a gay man, had input from a hetero-couple that was discussing their impending marriage, a friend involved in PFLAG, and  Bob and an-law of his, I believe and a speaker from Providence.

The fact that the diversity if opinions could come up with — and agree on — that idea (separate church/state to be fair to both) gives me hope for healing even our deepest rifts. As readers of the blog know, Bob and I often approach things from different perspectives and yet, our friendship remains intact… and now that I see the strength of the idea that came out of study by a diverse group. It gives me hope in the wider world about a wider set of ideas, that we can, in fact, find peace within apparently divisive issues.  I have always believed the best ideas rise to the top, but take time, work, prayer, and a safe place for discussion. Cathi and Lu and Kenn: yes, sitting and waiting for the Spirit works well, too.

To my gay friends, I hope I didn’t offend anyone (see my comments to Linda). I’m still working on this idea, but cannot imagine not giving you your full due in life — I don’t think I ever could. Thanks to my mom here, for having such a diverse group of friends.

Anyway, that’s all. I’m off to hear the wisdom of confirmands at South Church.






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