Stray Thoughts On The News…


Every once in awhile, a story comes along and I just don’t have an  idea what to  say. This morning, I woke to an NPR story about a group of kids raping a teenage girl while people watched, joined, cheered — and it went on for two hours while no one called the police.  If any one wanted an image of Sodom and Gomorrah, this would be it.  “But wait”, you say, “this is hetero-sexual!”.  The story of Sodom and Gomorrah is about how bad a culture can get and it offers the option of hetero-sexual gang rape right in the story. Makes you feel like we’ve come a long way as a society, huh?

Versions of what happened yesterday have happened in American life before — Kitty Genovese being stabbed about 30 times in NYC years ago while people refused to help comes to mind.  In any case, there is no explanation of any worth that explains what happened — at least in a philosophical vein.  Even if we can explain in some way why it happened — mob violence, a culture of rape, power dynamics — this just sooo bizarre, so unusual, you have to wonder what stars aligned, what evil demon arrived from another dimension, and what the hell those boys were thinking.  There will be books written about this one because it’s just too weird.

Still, there was a human being at the bottom of that pile of debauchery. She deserves our prayers, some people who care, and excellent therapists, plus physical doctors who know what they’re doing.

I wonder how many of my clients who have been multiply-raped will be traumatized by this.

I’m still in shock myself.

If she were my client, I’d tell her that thanks to her, 50 or 60 other women didn’t get raped statistically — She’s skewing the numbers. I would tell her that it was nice of her to do that, but she needn’t.  I would tell her that Jesus already took on the sins of society, and she didn’t have to. What happened should never happen to anyone, ever. Then I would tell her we would do what we could to never have it happen again. Sadly, therapists know lots of people like this.  For them, though, the trauma takes years.  I don’t think I’ve met anybody/had any clients who have been gang-raped.


How big do you think the jail cell should be to hold all of the people who were involved in this?  How many will be arrested? How many will live with this on their conscience forever, due to their involvement in the situation — or lack of it?  The waves of guilt and shame emminating from that spot will last a long time.

Were there gangs involved? Was it drug related?   Does it matter?

I’m starting to get in touch with my anger.  Does any one of them know much this will mess with that girl’s entire life?

I’m glad it’s not on the TV news.  I’m not sure I want pictures of it anywhere in mind.

Prayers are offered for anyone who has suffered this or something like it at any time in their lives.

Good night.

As much as it’s possible…




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