Where Were All These People 8 Years Ago???

All right.  Now  I’m mad. Must…keep…calm….must … keep… calm.

Apparently, some old woman brought a sign of Obama with a Hitler mustache to a meeting?  Can’t she get this straight?  If she want to call Obama a communist, it should be a Stalin mustache, or a little Lenin goatee!

But Hitler?  I hate to be picky, but she’s got the wrong guy.  All these people screaming about how they don’t want government control or a restriction of their liberties.  Does anybody remember the Patriot Act??? Anybody?

If Bush were still president and Cheney were still president, and somebody had shown up at a Town Hall meeting with a Hitler mustache on Bush, they’d still be in Guantanamo!!!! And bring a GUN to a Bush Rally? Are you kidding me????!!!! Guantanamo’s not good enough. Go to Abu Ghraib, you terrorist traitor!  (Does anybody care that the Patriot Act meant they could look at our library records? Doesn’t THAT seem a bit more reasonable to worry about than health insurance?)

To hell with the right to bear arms, what about the right to think or speak, the right not to be tortured?

And they’re worried about OBAMA’S spending??? Where were they when George W spent all of our money on an illegal war, based on bad information. Does anybody remember Clinton’s surplus?  Bush had it for 9 months and 11 days before he started spending like an addict, and destroyed the economy?

So NOW these people worry about the deficit?  Sorry, folks, but the horse is already out of the barn, across the field, and put rockets on its feet.

I worry about constitutional  rights, too. I worry about the economy, too.   But for 8 years, not a peep out out of the American public and if it happened, we got called “un-patriotic”, “un-American” and told to shut up.

How come it’s “democracy” now when it was “liberal terrorism” then? Remember Rush Limbaugh’s term “Feminazi”? How is it possible that it’s “Nazi-ism” to want fair treatment and not Nazi-ism to bring a gun to a meeting?

I can’t tell if this is misdirected anger  at Bush taken out on Obama or if the abusers of the country for the past 8 years are afraid to lose their grip and trying to maintain control/power by yelling even louder and threatening more.

BTW, for people who simply want to slow down the process of healthcare reform until we see what it is we’re signing, I’m totally cool with that. I just wish we’d gotten practice long before this with the Patriot Act 8 years ago.

OK, I feel better now.

5 thoughts on “Where Were All These People 8 Years Ago???

  1. If you’re not worried about OBAMA’S spending, then I guess you like paying higher taxes! Now THAT’S something to be mad at!
    “Where were they when George W spent all of our money on an illegal war, based on bad information”
    Tell that to the Iraqis!

    • Wow. I have to say that I didn’t really expect to make an example of anybody, but to my mind you are exactly the kind of person I began writing this blog about/against. I find it interesting that people have certain kind of primal responses to things. Even if I agree with them (And I seriously DON’T here), I have trouble with people that don’t actually think for themselves. “Dittto-heads”, by definition, just repeat what Rush said. Talking points are not conversation. They’re slogans. Left or right, they bypass the thinking process. Taxes and “socialism” are those kinds of buttons for some people. Mr. Obama seems to have the problem of 1) spending money on things we need and 2) trying to get people health care.
      I consider it my duty as a Christian to support my fellow humans. If that means taxes to do it, so be it. I’m not against spending money. I’m against spending it for evil. Financially, I scrape by just like the next guy. But I can sleep better at night knowing that people have homes and food and things they need. I look for all of my reasonable tax deductions, but I don’t go hogwild looking because I think we owe our brothers and sisters a chance — unlike a whole lot of rich folks I know.

      Regarding the war: Saddam was bad. But if “bad” meant we went to war, we’d be at war around the globe all the time. Despots are a dime a dozen. As far as “bad information” goes, the list is endless (OJ will find his wife’s real killer about the same time we find those “weapons of mass destruction”. I dare you to hold your breath until we find either of them. The number of lives lost, the amount of destruction to the planet as the oil fields burned, the psychological trauma of war that people like me will be digging soldiers out of for years to come — that’s money I’m mad about spending, even if the Iraqis are “free” (which I’m not totally sure they are — Blackwater, anyone?). I don’t begrudge them their freedom, but diplomacy’s a whole lot better than what we did). Cost-benefit analysis? Money for people to live vs. money for people to die? Living wins every time.

  2. Vis-a-vis higher taxes, instead of donating his own money to charities, John is happy to FORCE other people to donate to his charitable cause (using the US government as his arm of enforcement). Donating your own money is very Christian, but forcibly taking money from other people against their will is, as I understand, theft. (Wasn’t there something about that in the ten commandments?)…

    And I would love to hear one thing that Clinton did to benefit the economy. Lower the capital gains tax? Oh wait, that was the Republicans. Increase productivity, making the GDP skyrocket? Oh wait, that was the development of computers (something that is directly attributable to a capitalist economy, incidentally). I’d love to hear an answer, I’ve been asking the question for years and never had a single answer.

    And before you blame Bush for the recession, keep in mind that Clinton was the one who gave China MFN trading status, and I think we all know where the economy has been ever since (and will continue to decline until our trade deficit levels out).

    And your other criticism of Bush is also correct in that he spent too much money all around instead of being fiscally responsible (i.e. balanced budget).

    To be fair, the main point about the Hitler comparison is absolutely correct- the comparison was ludicrous. But let’s face it, the whole meeting was ludicrous.

    Any chance the “Patriot” act is going to be repealed?

    • Bob:

      You’ve got me, at least about specific policies. I don’t know enough about NAFTA and China’s tax status to answer your question. I will say that I don’t think from a Christian standpoint that China should EVER have been given most favored nation status until they clean up their human rights record. This much I know: Clinton came in with a deficit he’d inherited and left with a surplus. I don’t remember ever seeing a surplus before. How he got it that way, I couldn’t tell you. There may be all kinds of evil stuff “under the rug” of his presidency. Still, results speak for themselves… maybe.

      Re: my taxes and yours: I never want to see someone lose their house or income or employment because of taxes. Remember, I’m a therapist and a minister. Economics makes very little sense to me. Ethics, I can do. My view of taxes is (so far as I know) an under-represented one and I wanted to get it out there. But what I choose to do with my taxes has absolutely nothing to do with what you choose to do with yours. Did I mention that policy is tricky?

      Re: the supposed Patriot Act — I don’t know, except the closing of closing of Guantanamo and some other policy changes. I haven’t heard about any plans to throw it out. I wish we would — or at least we’d read it before we signed it.

      Rob — Barney Frank’s response was classic. Thanks for the video. You know how to do such cool things. Maybe you should do computer things for a living (For those who don’t know… he does).

      Thanks to everyone with a thoughtful comment. As my friend Doris used to say “Now that we’ve solved the world’s problems…”



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