What does it take for this guy’s reputation to be ruined?

Reviewing the on-line news today, there’s a clip of Karl Rove on Fox News talking about how hard a sell Obama’s health care plan is.

Karl Rove? Are you kidding me? The man who allegedly made George Bush II the man he was? The man who also allegedly outed a CIA spy as a political attack? The man who did this so that could have the war we all love to hate — a war which has devastated lives and the environment (anybody remember burning oil wells after we “won” the war?)? What about a man under investigation by the Congress? As the backbone of a president whose policies have destroyed the economy and made things worse than they have been for years and years, how does this man even qualify to be a pundit? How does Fox News get away with calling themselves “objective” at all?

To balance out Rove’s view of the world, Malcolm X would have to come back from the dead and present his views on Fox.

If Rove is responsible for his actions and the consequences of his actions (which, in my opinion he is), he has no moral high-ground from which to share his opinions as far as I can see. It’s like letting Rod Bloganevich (spelling?) give tips on how to succeed in politics.
And, again, as far as health care goes, does Rove have a better plan? I’d love to hear it. I’d love to hear anything constructive from Karl Rove, but I don’t think he has a constructive bone in his body. Of course, I’d love to be proven wrong, but I expect to see Jesus back on the planet before I expect to see Mr. Rove’s positive plan for America.

Also, tsk, tsk for Fox News or have the rules changed? Don’t reporters and news agents strive to be objective anymore? When Reagan was president, did we let Jimmy Carter talk about how he was going to fail? Our when Bush was president, did we let Clinton give him lessons on how to be president? I don’t think so. If news organizations did, that was wrong too. Could we at least say “editorial” at the bottom of the screen when someone like this comes on?

For every time that Rove comes on Fox, I want Bono on NBC or CBS or ABC or better yet, I want a donation in Rove’s name made to PBS.


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