Michael Jackson’s actual gift to America

I can’t believe all of the Michael Jackson stuff on the air — the tributes, the media frenzy. If I hear Michael Jackson’s name one more time I think I’m going to throw up.
I should say that his music *was* good and he should get his “props” for his creative genius and I loved some of his early music. Still, there’s something about a — what? 10 year old Jackson singing “shake it, shake it baby… I think I LOVE you” that has always made me nauseous. What about humping the ground in some video? Or what about making his face look like Diana Ross’ via surgery? Michael Jackson has always had a strange relationship with his sexuality at best. When Al Sharpton told Jackson’s kids at the memorial service “There was nothing weird about your father” (I’ve seen the clip, but refused to watch the service), it was a nice thing for the pastor to say, but it simply wasn’t true.
It seems to me that Michael Jackson’s best gift to America prior to his death is that we refused to buy it anymore.
I don’t know if Michael Jackson was a pedophile, though I suspect and believe he was. No one knows but the people he did or didn’t molest and God.
But, the fact of the matter is that most people think he was and we didn’t beat him up. We just stopped caring about him. His perceived behavior led us to set limits. We didn’t get abusive. We just stopped caring and buying his music no matter how talented and creative it might have been. He let us demonstrate to ourselves and the world that some things simply ARE too much, that there are lines which can’t be crossed. It wasn’t “controversial” that Jackson might be a pedophile. Nobody rushed to his aid to say he was “just misunderstood”. We just didn’t like what we believed he had done and we refused to support him with billions of our dollars of hard earned cash. The upcoming tour was to help him get out of debt because he hadn’t been able to sell an album/CD for years. The lawsuits had added up and no money was coming in. Oh, well. There were consequences for his behavior.

When Jackson died, unlike when John Lennon died, I thought, “So what”.

In The Who’s rock opera “Tommy”, they sing “We’re not gonna take it” and a chorus of “Let’s forsake him. Gonna rape him. Let’s forget him better still” when told to follow their idol. The fact that we got to the last of those statements with Michael Jackson is Michael Jackson’s lasting gift to America.


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