What the title is about…

When I think about “writing a blog!”, my immediate thought is “ooooh, so what!? Like it matters” — as though my opinion is somehow worth so much more than anybody else’s.  I struggled with this issue in ministry — why am I ordained? Am I soooo special that God chose me?.  In the movie, “Oh, God!”, George Burns answers this question for John Denver: “It’s the luck of the draw.  It’s like getting a prize for being the 1,000,000th person over a bridge”. After much soul searching, that’s the best I can do.  My qualifications for ministry are 1) that God chose me and 2)I did something about it.  I am no more, and no less, I think, qualified than anybody else who meets those criteria.  Other people have a lot more projections about the whole chosen thing than I do.  My only code is to remember who I work for (God), love the people that God has created because they also crossed the bridge,  and “Don’t do anything that makes God’s name look worse than it already does — making it look better is a goal, but at least don’t make it look worse”.  There are ALOT of people in my profession — not my denomination so much, but my profession — who would, as George Burns suggested, “do better selling shoes”.

You’ll note that I’m not in the pastorate anymore (I don’t  serve a local church),  but the hankering to speak (aka the Spirit) pops its head up every once in a while, so I preach on occasion, do chaplaincy a few Sundays a month at a psych ward, and teach a class at my church (South Church in New Britain, CT) on occasion. You should be able to see I’m a Christian, rather than me telling you. If that’s not happening, something’s wrong. But I’m not a big “public” guy who likes to be “ON!”, so I do my work behind closed doors in therapy.

If you understand all of that, you now understand the reason for this blog and its title. There is, frankly, no reason that I should have a blog except this: 1) I see people all day whose lives most people can’t believe. 2) I get angry enough or sad enough  (or the Spirit drives me to, if that’s how you think) about them that I want to say something and 3) I can now do something about #2.

I encourage other people who are so driven to do the same thing, to comment on my thoughts, and be active in “real life”. So here’s my blog… like it matters.


3 thoughts on “What the title is about…

  1. “My qualifications for ministry are 1) that God chose me and 2)I did something about it.”

    I like this. Simple and to the point… *smile*

    I have sometimes thought of my writing as Blogging in a Spirit of Worship. Though another way I sometimes think of it is as my pressure relief valve–saving my Quaker meeting from a lot of vocal ministry I am not supposed to be giving on First Days.

    Anyway, I am glad to have your voice out here in the blogosphere, and I hope that, like me, you’ll find that writing out the leadings of Spirit is a useful practice. And it always feels great when it actually speaks to someone!

    Blessed Be.

  2. Amen, I feel more people need to pay attention to the individual than to the ‘parish” so to speak.

    Keep keeping on!


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